Wednesday, August 19, 2009

miss her sia!

hello... yeap yeap.. i decided to blog..
hahaha.. nothing to do.. but a short one aye..!
so ive been sending my lovely bestfriend SERINA to work almost 2 weeks, so yeah.. wat a great day start in the morning with her.. (: ermmm she gila lah at morning.. lagi worst dari time2 yg lain.. so yeah.. feel like blog this out..,

then tadi after sending her, was texting my other friend, she's totally nice.. name : KIRA, so she being paisey for dunno brape minet g2.. hahah.. me n her cant stop laughing with her story.. basically, got someone called her, name nyer pon FENDY jugak, so she mati2an piker thats me, then this morning she ask me, "y u called me last night" hahahaha..!! so she be layan-ing that guy, n she thinks thats me.. huahuahuahuak!! kekek ar lu Kira.. hehehehe.. so sepanjang jln, msg with her, senyum like RETARDED sia, dah la dlm public transport, n she n her class room, hahaha..!! due2 same2 doL.. hehehe.. but seriously sia, bile dok diam2, nnt tibe2 teringt2, senyum sendiri..! hahahaha.. kekek beb!

k da stop it...

so today after send Serina, happy texting with Kira, i reached home, so ive been thinking one whole day, about my friendship.. was thinking2.. i dunno wat went wrong, isit me ? i mean, am i the cause of all this? tsk tsk tsk.. ):

i jus wanna be like the 1st time we met.. thats all.. haiz.. untill when we gonna be like this..

hmm, can say,
thats is my wish yea.. isk isk isk..

anywae missh my Serina alot.. da lame tak cubet2 die.. (:

so i guess thats all,
will update more...

bbye ..!!

-Kei OffiCe-

Monday, August 10, 2009

hello? or bbye?

hey... sorry for not posting like for dunno how many weeks.. hahahaha.. blablabla..

so today i dunno y i jus feel so empty.. like no want cares about me.. hmmm. g2 lak eh.. lagi2 ngn Feeq ngn Serina and all.. maybe i do must find someone ? hmm.. ntah eh.. bluRR.. !! heh..

so me go bugis all alone.. like emo emo g2.. hahaha.. who cares, lagipon nk ajak sape kn, but i do forget about YAYA..!! hahaha.. cian dia.. how can i forget her? hehehe.. nvm la eh.. BIG SORRY to yaya.. hehehe..

being alone its so not cool.. serious sey.. nk bebual ngn sape pon tk tau... hehe.. anywae try try jer klua sorg.. tgk ape rase.. so rase nyer, teramatlah boring..!! hehehe..

so this few days, i lost my fren, she say i disturbed her life laa or watever.. so if i do wrong, im sorry yea.. hope u n him last long or long lasting? hahaha.. both!! huahuahua..

wth siak.. my brain senget uhhgghh! k la.. dabes2.. malas nk type2..

bbye friends..!!
do take care yea.. if not, i dunno uh! watch out! hehehe..



Sunday, July 12, 2009


so today i jus lost my lovely guitar.. which they t00k away from me like nothing happen.. wtf?.. i was happy with that guitar.. its like my bestfriend. . no other guitar can replace it.. haish.. so down today.. crying sia me.. like FUCK.. haiyo.. nvr feel this sad sia.. if u guys wanna say me like baby.? go ahead.. i dont care la siaL...!!

all i care its that guitar.. haish.. sorry to Serina n Feeq ... ): feel bad with them... i noe they tryin to cheer me up.. but i hav no m00d.. sorry yea guys.. u two means a lot to me..

ermm anywae.. gtg.. no m00d..
sorry long time never update..

tc ..

Keii OffiCe

Friday, May 29, 2009


b00h...!!! hahak.. (:

so today woke up terlambat.. hahaha.. tak sengaje.. hahaa.. coz i sleep late.. hahahaha.. cant sleep la sia.. but then i slept at around 6am g2.. haha.. c00l ryte?? hhehe.. so suppose to bngn around 11am.. hahah terlajak smp 1205pm g2.. hah.. kalang kabut siap.. coz gonna meet Feeq.. anywae ksian dier turon cck for nothing.. hehehe.. thanks la kat dier.. hehee.. ermm and yeah aku terlepas solat jumaat.. shit..!! hahaha.. taubat ah ape lagi.. hehe.. so cam biase, mkn tong sheng, lepak kat sg flyer.. but now da borg.. coz da start rmai org...hmmm.. anywae its not our place ryte?? heheh.. lol.

so back home around 1030pm g2.. online, chat ngn this gurl.. that being so nice to me.. hmm.. try to cheer me up, try to solve my probs tu.. hmm.. reaally appreciate alot sia.. haha..

so tgk tgk ut00b.. haha. nothing better to do ey.. hehe.. so tgk la org buat cover.. hmmm.. borg kn? haha... so tomorrow teman kn Feeq blaja.. hahaha.. well well.. buddies?? hehe.. 

so yeah.. that was it.. 
will updates ayte.. ((:

-Keii OffiCe-          Saturday     30052009       0337am  

Thursday, May 28, 2009

ermm yeah???

ay ay ay..!!

ermmm today really nothing interesting sia.. hmm.. i slept at around 6am, bngn around 3-4pm g2.. hahaha.. c00l kapa? hmm. dunno lah.. hahahahah.. ((: so bngn... mandi, check hp, no msg.. waah.. tenteram.. hahahaha.. so online, chat with usual one.. ((: .. and suprisingly im having fun chatting with bunch of friends at msn.. hmmm.. weird?? i dont think so.. but can say la.. coz usually when i ask ''hows school..??'' and she/he went ''ok ah..'' ermm .. but now... lain.. hmm.. like bual tak putos2.. hahahaha.. ntah la eik.. and big big big really big thanks to my ex WaNiE.. ((: try to cheer me up.. coz im super bored today... hahaha.. thinking of something.. heh.. great..? /: ahah..
so one whoole day slacking at home.. hahaha.. boring giler.. hahaha.. so my friend got this pr0b.. haha.. dunno la.. i juz giv her opinion and advice... and yah her name Fiza.. bukan Fiza ex nyer Feeq.. but this Fiza aku pena suker die.. g2 g2 jer.. hahahaha.. ok so im hoping she's alryte.. no more sad sad.. smile always.. ((:  ... 

so mum came back around 6pm g2.. she ask me to ordered PiZZa.. wooo!!! hahahall.. yum2.. ape lagi.. tros angkat hp tros call.. hahaha.. so da kenyang sume continue chat.. hahaha.. ((:

ermm today i juz complete learning new song.. ermm nk kater lagu tu sdap okay lah.. but i admire the guitar sounds.. haaah..!! so congrats to me  i accomplish.. freakin' happy.. hahaha.. tapi seriously im happy coz the song damn hard.. hahaha.. bnyk sngt chord in like  10 second g2? haish.. hahahha.. so now its done! hehehe.. happy happy ... lols.. ((:

k i went offline around 1am pluss.. coz my bro using.. download aper ntah.. tk tau.. so now im here blogging.. ermm kinda late.. mrt pon da start jln balek.. hahahaha.. c00l kapa? hahaha..

k la.. more updates ok? hahaha..

-Keii OffiCe-     Friday    29052009         0532am

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

bla bla bla.. hahahah

so sorry yesterday no update.. hahaha.. 
sorry sorry..

ermmm yesterday out with Feeq.. he never go school..!! hahaha.. well well.. plaja contoh.. hahah.. yesterday try new game djmax.., juz put in my psp, and played.. hahah.. gerek! tak sangke.. hahaha.. so now still practising..untill now.. hahaha.. so meet Feeq, naik 61 go queensway, finally bukak kdai yg nk gi amek barang mak aku.. haha. so yeah.. da amek, naik 61 lagi go bugis.. Feeq buy string, eat at tong sheng.. haha yum2.. so gi libary coz Feeq nk blaja.. haha.. ok.. i follow him.. then time tgh2 blja, dier ley stress.. hahaha... so try to cheer him up, tapi tak ley jgk.. hahaha.. so da tkde bende nk uat then balek, balek go north bridge road, took 190 back cck.. lepak MAC there.. hahaha.. so lepak2.. da mlm.. then balek.. hehehe.. doNe..!!

oukie.. that's for yesterday... ((:

k now for today.. hahaha..

so today doing nothing at home.. nk klua malas, klau kua pon nk gi mane.. haha.. next time sua.. haha.. so lepak kat umah..., kemas umah like usuall n doing some stuff.. ahh.. ((: . so all day eat sandwich.. i dunno y.. huhu.. ((: hmm.. play djmax all day long.. maybe some of u piker game tu da basi ehk? hhahaha.. don care lah! .. ((: so maybe friday gonna meet Feeq.. ntah.. nothing interesting.. hahaha.. and still having fun chatting with people.. heheh... so yeah.. 

thats for today yaw.. hahahaha.. ermm will update..(:

-Keii OffiCe-        Wednesday     27052009         1145pm